Inspired by some training today and my drive home in the car, I wondered…..

How many wheels were on our school site today?

sacrifice-team-scooter-wheel-110mm-purpleWhat questions would I need to ask to find out the answer?

What data would I need to collect to help me solve this?neills-wheels-quality-used-cars-in-torquay-cars-lk8sxi-clipart

041  Could you write some questions to help me solve this problem?


One to Sixty-Four

Tigers class have been solving a Nrich problem called “One to Sixty-Four” and were learning to read and write numbers, both in numerals and words.  Each child chose their own way to display the numbers e.g. in a square, pyramid, steps or other pattern.  Then using a 2×2 grid the children had to choose 4 numbers to write in words.  Next time the children will use the grids to find numbers to add and investigate to see if there is a pattern.

Piggy Pizzas!

Tigers class have been learning about fractions!  They designed ‘Piggy Pizzas’ and described the food on 1/2, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of their pizzas.  In the Pizza Kitchen the children used playdough to make pizzas and cut them into halves and quarters.