Maths Eyes Competition!

Over half-term we would like the children to take part in our Maths Eyes competition (details below).

Maths Competition maths eyes

Using your camera, phone or ipad please take a photo of maths that you can see in the local environment e.g. shapes, patterns, a number of objects, an array of objects on a shop shelf etc.

There are lots of examples on the Maths Eyes Website.

Please send your entry to school by Monday 6th November. Thank you


Fermi Questions

This week’s Fermi Question across Years 2 to 6 is:

How many times can you say the alphabet in 24 hours?

You can record your ideas and workings out in school or at home and add them to your class display.

Maths Money Week -June 2017

During the week 12th June 2017 we held our Maths Money Week as part of a national focus money ran by pfeg.

On Monday every class was given £10 by Mr. Payne to use to buy resources, or in any way they needed, to ensure they made a profit as part of a mini-enterprise task.  Each class in their lessons learned about money, had various problem-solving tasks and also had the job of deciding how to make the most money at our Maths Fair.

Each class prepared for the Maths fair by deciding on what to sell, create marketing posters, prices etc. for their stall on the fair.  On Friday all parents were invited to spend time at our fair visiting the various stalls which included games, cakes, ice-creams, crafts all made by the children.  The children had a great time selling items to the parents, handling money and giving change.  Each class can now spend their profit as they choose!